Anyone can pick up a camera and take a snapshot – and perhaps they will capture the spirit of the moment. But to be able to have not only the moment captured – but to have it done so beautifully that it can be blown up and hung on a wall to be appreciated for decades – well, that does take some talent. And time. And investment.

As with so many other experiences in the art-world, a part of the beauty of the finished product lies in the appearance of ease. But the finished gallery that you view, along with the ordering of your prints and wall art is a time investment on my end and a dozen hours or more of both shooting and editing, along with an investment of hundreds of dollars in equipment.

We spend hundreds of dollars on the mundane “stuff” of life – but the investment of custom photography is an investment in memory; it is the capture of a moment in time that will never come again. Your life is precious. Your love is wondrous. And this time is fleeting.



Anna Floit Writer/Editor, The Peacock Quill

When a dear friend from Chicago came to Nashville to celebrate her 40th birthday along with other out-of-towners, I knew that fun, candid, professional photographs would be a perfect gift--and immediately I thought of Lyn. Knowing the best spots to show off Nashville and highlight the city while capturing our celebratory spirit was truly a talent she displayed. Following our shoot, Lyn edited our photos and gave me a CD to keep for future access, which I was then able to share with my guests. Lyn really has quite an eye for her subjects and I would certainly hire her again and gladly refer her to others as well.


Eddie Heinzelman Singer/Songwriter

Lyn's photographs don't just capture a moment in time. They convey the essence, the sound, and depth of that moment as seen through the heart of an artist.


Adriana Echeverri

Over a year ago I asked Lyn to take some headshots for me. This was my first and only professional photo shoot and it couldn't have been better. Lyn was so patient and generous with her time and talent. She took the time to get the right shots, to make me feel and look my best. As a result I was extremely happy with the portfolio and never hesitate to share or use my photos in my professional and personal profiles. I look forward to another session with Lyn and would recommend her to anyone looking for a photographer.


Judy Rodman Singer/Songwriter/Producer

Photographer Lyn Stevens’ work is informed by her eye for the story- and for the history behind the story. Her pictures capture snippets of stories, frozen in time.


Sandie Rogers John Berry, Inc.

Lyn's work is outstanding. She has a natural eye for setting a scene photographically to make you feel as though you are there. She is artistically gifted and this reflects in her work.


LeRoy "Bluesdog" Falconi Blues Ambassador/Harmonica player

I picked Lyn to work on my projects and stage performances for her professionalism, artistic views, and open minded approach to the shot. She takes pride in her work one client at a time. Lyn creates/captures the spirit of the moment that can be understood by all. I highly recommend her for her services and trust her for my next shoot.


Duane Propes Little Texas

Lyn is great at listening to ideas and making them come to life. We gave her a concept for our album cover, and she captured the vision even better than we had imagined it.


Amanda Cornett Singer/Songwriter

Lyn is one of the few photographers who has been able to capture really great live photos of me as an artist! She is great at capturing my personality on stage!


Sue Veldkamp Webmaster/Kevin Sharp

Lyn Stevens Photography was brought in as the official photographer for a Memorial that was held for Platinum Country Recording Artist Kevin Sharp. The emotions she captured through her photographs on that very special evening will be cherished by all who were in attendance. Highly recommend Lyn Stevens Photography!


Marty Raybon Lead Singer/Shenandoah<

Being in the music business, it's always good to be able to find a great photographer that has a great eye and wonderful insight. Lyn is always able to capture that, "Just what you were looking for shot" right when you need it.